How It All Started, Really.

When you meet a guy who is tall, and hot, and educated, it is hard not to swoon. When he tells you that he has two children, there are a few reactions that race through your head whether you mean to, or not.

  1. Married?
  2. I should probably walk away now.
  3. I’m probably going to stay though…

Normally, I would have cut this conversation short. Something like serendipity kept me there. He wasn’t married. That was a good start. So fast forward through our love story, which I will share later, and I am the other mother to two amazing kids.

The first time I met these sweet monsters, we went for crepes.  We went to the park, also. Although our kids spend the majority of their time with us, they were with their biological mom for the weekend. Much to their dismay, and mine, I was then headed back to the airport, and to Baltimore.

That was the other part I forgot to mention–I was in a long distance relationship. He, in Houston, me in Baltimore. Have you ever tried co-parenting from halfway across the country? To two kids you barely know? I have!

The next time I would come to town, the kids would be staying with us. I would get an immediate dose of child-reality, and if I am being honest, I loved it. When we picked them up from school, the kids blew past their father and almost knocked me off of my stilettos with two of the best hugs I had had to date.

I have basically been in love ever since. Sweet, exhausted, grumpy, snuggle, stomping, laughing, door slamming, hugs and kissses, love.

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