There are some moments when Joe and I laugh way too hard together. One of those times was when one of our family members described their role in their marriage as being their partner’s “helpmate.” I don’t even remember now, why I thought it was so funny, maybe because I didn’t understand it yet. But, I think it is officially time to talk about co-parenting, and my amazing co-parent.

To me, being a co-parent means being on the same page. Wow that is hard! The number of times that Joe and I have had to pause a conversation with the kids, go into our room, discuss our plan, and return as a united front, is tremendous. Somehow we do it. Somehow, when there isn’t time for the conversation, we manage (most of the time) to defer to the parent who answers more quickly. We have very different parenting styles, which is hard, but I think it makes our team strong.

I am definitely the strict mama. I am the one who yells about fruits and veggies, and I am pretty sure that Joe would like to live off of bread alone. I am the one who requires reading every day, I am the one who enforces punishments, but I am also the cuddler. I am the mom who likes shopping sprees, and late-night movies, and cooking together, and listening to way too loud music. But enough about me, because this is really about Joe.

Joe is the absolute heart of our family. He is the planner. He is the one who intently manages our budget. He is the one who does the dishes, and walks the dogs early in the morning so that the rest of us can sleep in. He is the practical one, but he is also the sweet one. He looks into all of our eyes when he talks to us. He rarely raises his voice, and he works hard to be a good listener. He makes pizza and challah from scratch. He is always thinking about fun for us to do as a family. He is the one who inspires our Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars marathons. He grounds all of us, and holds us accountable. I do mean “us.”

A co-parent? I couldn’t as for a better one. He always listens, and defers to me when I am right. He tells me when he thinks I am wrong, and he really allows us to grow together as parents. I hate to say it, but kids aside, he is also a fantastic helpmate. He opens the mail, he brings home wine and flowers exactly when they are needed. He is also an amazing best friend. He listens and problem solves, and as a family, we are truly lucky to have him.

He is the quintessential helpmate and #coparent

Thank you, Joe, for all of the things that you do for our family.

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