An Open Letter to My Kids at Camp

Dear kiddos,

Wow it has been a long month! I miss you terribly. It seems kind of weird, you know, missing you so much. When you are here, I am praying to be able to go to the bathroom without interruption.

There have been a lot of thunderstorms so far this summer. I really miss being scared awake by your creepy faces leaning over me in the dark. Speaking of interrupted sleep, I miss you screaming at each other at 6am. I miss you skipping household nap time, and “lightly” knocking on my door to ask me a question. I miss when your sleep pattern gets interrupted, be it staying up late, or getting up early, because I miss that preteen attitude.

I miss arguing with you about fruits and veggies, maybe the most. I know that you love the salad bar at camp, and I am thinking of installing one in the house. I promise I will put real peanut butter on the line, not sun butter. I don’t know how you eat that, but when I was at camp, I missed peanut butter almost as much as I miss you now.

I miss when you walk the dogs. Not just because I miss not baring all of the responsibility, but because I miss the screaming at crying that follows the walk, almost every day, because you two haven’t quite figured out how to walk next to each other without yelling, hitting, and kicking.

I really miss the snuggles. I miss when you get in my bed to watch Blue Planet and Planet Earth. I have thought about watching Beauty and the Beast a few times, but thought better of it, because I couldn’t do it without you.

I miss your sweet laughs, when we make silly faces, and call out our inside jokes during dinner. I miss your paintings, I haven’t gotten a new one since you left, I cannot wait to see your art bags! I miss nail painting parties, and baking, and dancing around in our living room.

I miss how excited you get for pizza and Chinese food. I miss our cupcake dates. I miss singing Shema with you before bed. I miss hugging you, and kissing you, and saying “I love you.”

I mostly just miss the amazing humans that you are. I cannot wait until you come home.



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